Christine McCall
Get organized and online!

Tech Skills

I graduated with a B.S. in Systems Analysis from Miami University in Ohio (1990). My first job included coding in assembler, PL1, and JCL on large mainframes. Those were the days! Over the years that changed into Unix, perl, and java systems. Now it’s all on the internet – html, javascript, php, sql and linux. My coding experience lets me work on the back end just as easily as the front end. So if you just want a fresh look, I am happy to update your company image with a new template and graphics. But if you need help migrating from a legacy system that was pre-internet days, I can do that too.

I have worked with many small businesses, and I find that when a company starts organizing a website, they must think about what their business really does, and what to focus on. My background in systems analysis can help you rethink your business processes and narrow down to what’s most important to communicate to your customers.

 .css WordPress Linux
 html Joomla Unix
 php  Dreamweaver Photoshop
 java  Smugmug SQL DBs
 javascript Shopify Infusionsoft
 perl Weebly  crontab
 Wix IDX – Real Estate DB